Why is my maple tree trunk black?

April 19, 2023

The black coloring of your maple tree bark is actually a fungal infection called Steganosporium Ovatum. This particular fungus causes black structures to cover the tree’s bark. Eventually, the black pustules merge together and form a solid black layer over the tree’s surface. Steganosporium Ovatum is often times a secondary infection, meaning it attacks already weakened/sick trees. Over time, trees in urban area tend to become weakened or stressed from things suck as de-icing salts, pollution, and construction. Unfortunately, there is really no treatment for Steganosporium Ovatum, however, recovery with proper tree care is possible but, unlikely. The only way to prevent your tree from getting infected with Steganosporium Ovatum is to maintain the general health of the tree with proper pruning, mulching, and protection.
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