What Causes Large Holes in Tree Trunks in Greenwich, CT?

May 29, 2024

We’ve all been there, concerned for a tree without truly knowing what’s wrong. Hollow trees, or trees with holes in them, are more liable to disease than other specimens, which raises a valid cause for concern. If you’re wondering, “What causes large holes in tree trunks?” then allow Franks Arborcare LLC, a Greenwich tree removal company, to explain everything you need to know about the subject and how you can undertake a hazard assessment for hollow trees. 

Tree Trunk Hole Identification: 4 Likely Causes

There are many large cavity causes in trees that you may want to consider as you narrow down the culprit. Whether you’re looking at the relationship between fungal disease and tree cavities or want to go about repairing holes in tree trunks, each hole has an origin.

1. Animal Damage

If there are deep, straight holes in your tree that have fecal matter or remnants of a nest inside, you’re likely dealing with a woodpecker’s hole. Woodpecker damage vs. rot holes is a very discernable distinction once you peer into the hole. A woodpecker or other animal hole looks very deliberate and small, while a rot hole typically has fungi or mold on all surrounding areas.

2. Insect Infestation

What causes large holes in tree trunks? Quite often, insects end up being the culprits. Where there is one, there are certainly more, so if you see borers, ants, or beetles on your tree, keep an eye out. You can protect your tree by keeping it healthy, watering it properly, and offering nutrition that can help, like fertilizer.

3. Natural Causes

Sometimes the natural way of the world can cause a tree to go hollow. However, for a tree to get a hole in the trunk by natural causes alone is incredibly rare, and typically only happens due to events like lightning strikes. When a lightning strike results in a hole in your tree, the opening will be a vertical split down the trunk, from top to bottom.

4. Human Damage

While it may seem unfortunate that humans would be the ones to damage a tree, often this is the case. Ineffective pruning methods that leave a tree too bare can leave holes. If you trim a limb too closely to the tree’s collar, this can result in a hole, one that never heals properly and can be a great risk for infection down the line.

Learn More From Frank’s Arborcare LLC

If you want to learn more about what causes large holes in tree trunks, consider working with one of Greenwich’s best local arborist companies. We understand that learning about trees and what makes them frail can be complex, which is why all of our arborists at Franks Arborcare LLC want to help you with any tree issue, including identifying and treating bumps on tree leaf. We can do everything, from helping you obtain a tree removal permit to assisting with tree pruning. If you want to use our tree services today, be sure to call us today at 203-423-9523.


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