Do You Need a Tree Removal Permit in Greenwich, CT?

March 29, 2024

Property owners have many reasons for wanting to cut down trees. The vegetation could be leaning dangerously close to their house or it could be dead and no longer boosting the property’s curb appeal. No matter what your reason is for this service, it’s important to abide by local tree removal permit regulations. 

The team at Frank’s Arborcare LLC offers reliable tree removal in Greenwich, CT, and explains whether you need legal tree removal approval for this service.

The Importance of Tree Removal Licensing

Local communities want to remain a haven for all residents and visitors. Having trees around the area benefits the environment and helps communities like Greenwich, CT, maintain natural beauty year-round. Local government officials can protect these qualities by requiring residents to get a permit for tree removal.

Getting approval for tree removal helps municipalities maintain their local ecosystems. Permits become especially important if the tree in question is a protected species within the region.

The Three Levels of Tree Removal Authorization in Greenwich

Obtaining tree removal permits in Greenwich isn’t always necessary. The town Tree Warden or other qualified official will evaluate the tree in question and determine its threat to public safety. This ultimately impacts whether you’ll need a permit.

High-Priority Tree Work

If a tree proves to be a hazard, a local official will deem it a level-one priority. These serious cases do not require a permit but must undergo an evaluation by either the Greenwich Tree Warden, Deputy Tree Warden, or another member of the community Tree Department.

Medium-Priority Tree Work

If officials don’t categorize a tree as a public hazard, it becomes a medium-priority project. The Tree Warden will address these issues after all of the high-priority tree work is complete. Greenwich residents can use a licensed contractor to address these issues but must obtain a tree removal permit.

Low-Priority Tree Work

The government views services like tree pruning or fertilization as low-priority tree work. To treat these issues or remove the non-hazardous trees, residents will need to receive a permit from local officials. They can hire a private contractor for the job but can only receive the permit under the following conditions:

    • The contractor holds the appropriate state licensing for tree work.
    • They provide proof of insurance.
    • They are a qualified arborist.

How to Receive a Tree Removal Permit

Now that you know when a permit is required for tree removal, you’re probably wondering how to obtain one. The process involves applying for the permit either online or with local town officials. You’ll likely have to pay a small fee for the permit as well. 

Your tree service contractor can assist you and answer any questions. 

Remove Trees with the Help of Frank’s Arborcare LLC

If you want to remove trees from your property or maintain tree health, the specialists at Frank’s Arborcare LLC can help. Our team will help you with the tree removal permit process and safely haul away dangerous or unwanted trees and stumps from your property. Get a free estimate online or call (203) 423-9523 to speak with a specialist.

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