Simple tips to help maintain tree health

April 20, 2023

Trees in urban areas often times take a beating. Here are some tips to keep your trees healthy. 1) Put a barrier around the tree to prevent mechanical damage such os weed eater damage to the trunk or lawn mower damage to surface roots. This can be a physical barrier like a mini fence or an organic barrier such as mulch. Having a mulch be will keep landscapers from working to close to the base of the tree. Mechanical damage on trees in urban areas are often the start of the trees decline. The damage stresses the tree out with makes it more susceptible to secondary disease and pests. 2) Do NOT put too much mulch or topsoil at the base of the tree. When applying mulch, 2-4″ is the most you should put. It is also important to remove last years mulch if it did not decompose fully, soil conditioners like Sweet Pete mulch usually will completely decompose in the season. When it comes to top soil, you should put even less especially if you are planning to put mulch around the tree as well. You want to make sure you can see the root flare at the bottom of the tree. NO VOLCANO MULCHING. If the tree looks like a telephone pole, it probably has too much material around it, it was originally planted too deep, or the grade was changed and raised around the tree. 3) Seasonal pruning is important to help trees remain healthy. Removing dead wood out of the tree takes away an entry point for disease and pests. Removing crossing/rubbing branches will allow proper structure and growth of the canopy. This is especially important in young trees to promote proper structure as the tree matures. Depending on the trees size and level of neglect, it may be best to hire a professional arborist to properly prune the tree.
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