What Are the Bumps on Tree Leaves in Your Greenwich, CT, Property?

June 29, 2024

Finding bumps on tree leaves can be concerning for Connecticut property owners. Read on for more information about what these bumps are all about and how Greenwich’s best tree removal services and professional firm of expert arborists handle them.

Tree Leaf Bumps Identification

Those ugly and worrisome bumps are called “galls” by arborists, and the good news is that they are usually completely normal and don’t harm mature trees. Even though they are a cosmetic eyesore, galls are natural and are typically evidence of how how tree leaves play an integral and essential role in the natural biosphere.

Galls are irregular growths on leaves that can also appear on blooms, twigs, and roots of trees and other plants. Irritation or chemical stimulation of tree cells that results from feeding and egg-laying by insects like aphids, midges, and mites typically causes leaf bumps.

Causes of Raised Bumps on Tree Leaves

Almost always, insect galls on tree leaves result from a tree’s natural response to feeding or invasive egg-laying. While that sounds harmful, trees rarely suffer adverse effects from galling. 

The galls vary in size and color depending on the type of insect that causes the irritation. These leaf bumps are usually red, green, black, or yellow.

Diagnosing Tree Diseases With Leaf Bumps

Some leaf bumps result from infection from bacteria, viruses, fungi, and nematodes. 

Common tree diseases that lead to leaf galling include:

  • Maple bladder galling, caused by mites
  • Oak apple galls, which are larger — one to two inches in diameter — caused by wasps; the ball, or “apple,” that forms around the gall contains a single hard cell
  • Horned oak gall, which appears on the twigs of certain oak species and is caused by wasps
  • Gouty oak galls, which appear on oaks, are smooth bumps

A tree expert or arborist can determine the nature and cause of tree diseases that involve bumps or galls.

Treating Trees With Bumpy Leaves

Once a leaf has bumps or gall growth, it cannot be “cured,” at least for the affected leaf. Even though they are unpleasant, the best we can often do is simply live with the inconvenience for the current season. 

Galls and bumps do not necessarily return to affected trees in later seasons, and the winter weather and how insects fare in the cold in a given cold season are usually the most important factors in galling activity. 

Good natural remedies for tree leaf bumps involve normal landscaping and plant care. Raking leaves in the fall helps prevent fungal infections, and sufficient watering in hot weather helps trees resist invasive microorganisms.

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